The 12 best game similar to civilization on Android, iPhone

If you're a fan of Civilization, you'll love these 12 similar games for Android and iPhone. From Rise of Kingdoms to Forge of Empires, there's a game here for everyone who loves strategy, building, and conquering.

App Logo Available On Reviews Downloads Size Features
1. Rise of Kingdoms Rise of Kingdoms Icon Android, iOS 4.5/5 78M+ 1.54 GB Real-time strategy gameplay, Eleven unique civilizations
2. Forge of Empires Forge of Empires Icon Android, iOS 4.5/5 41M+ 362.25 MB Explore different ages, Build your tribe, City-building strategy
3. DomiNations DomiNations Icon Android, iOS 4.5/5 19M+ 246.75 MB Real-time strategy gameplay, Historical civilizations and leaders
4. Godus Godus Icon Android, iOS 4.6/5 14M+ 306.41 MB Sculpt the landscape, Nurture a civilization, Cast miracles
5. The Battle of Polytopia The Battle of Polytopia Icon Android, iOS 4.6/5 14M+ 153.77 MB Turn-based strategy gameplay, Offline and multiplayer modes
6. Rise of Cultures Rise of Cultures Icon Android, iOS 4.7/5 5M+ 660.47 MB Multiple empires in one game, Stunning monuments and structures
7. Rising Rising Icon Android, iOS 4.2/5 5M+ 789.75 MB Build your castle, Explore an unknown world, Recruit legendary heroes
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1. Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms Icon

The Best Civilization Strategy Game. Conquer with Greece, Rise to Greatnes.

Rise of Kingdoms is a mobile strategy game similar to Civilization. In Rise of Kingdoms, players build and manage their own civilization, starting from a small village to a mighty empire. Players can choose from 11 different civilizations, each with its unique units, buildings, and technologies. Players must gather resources, train troops, and build alliances in order to conquer new territories and expand their empire. Rise of Kingdoms also features a unique "Lost Kingdom" mode, where players can explore a mysterious new world and uncover its secrets.


Rise of Kingdoms - Real-time strategy gameplay, Eleven unique civilizations

Application information:

Downloads 78,289,183
Features Experience the feudal world of the Middle Ages, explore uncharted lands, and conquer new territories in Rise of Kingdoms, an exciting civilization strategy game.
Pros Immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and engaging social features.
Cons Can be grindy at times, with a significant time investment required to progress.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “This game is great in the first month or so of play. The upgrades occur frequently and there is a fast pace giving a sense of progress and accomplishment. However, the items required to upgrade the legendary commanders (stars and statues) drop so infrequently, you can't progress them in any meaningful way. This takes away a lot of the fun that was experienced early on in the game. I think the developer has the formula wrong here. The sense of progress gives incentive to buy in game items to make even more progress. The realization of futility in obtaining such ultra rare items leads to no purchasing of in-game items, because why bother?” – 3/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “Removed my 5 star rating and review. I don't want to mislead. This game is excellent for free play in the early stages. Even seems oddly generous in rewards... but when it comes to where it really matters, only cash will help you. The rewards become laughably lame. Some spending is very well deserved. But the extent to which RoC demands it is ridiculous, and for me, simply not worth it. (I know this very well since I'm in one of the top 10 alliances in my kingdom and have seen how we got there, and how much spending is required to keep up with the insane event timings). Of course, it's not a big deal. It's just your choice. Either spend and enjoy or go away. Or wait two weeks+ for a building upgrade because those boosts ain't just gonna drop, stupid. Or just sit there doing basically nothing, just one more tombstone on the graveyard of the map. The game looks good and has so, so much potential. I'd still recommend you check it out because the devs have done such good work on the art and graphics. The commanders are a nice touch and interesting to play around with. The infinite zoom and troop management is amazing. You'll go almost halfway just fine. And who knows, maybe even have some fun.” – 3/5 in Play Store

2. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires Icon

Play strategy city simulation & build an empire through the ages of civilization

Forge of Empires is a strategy simulation game for mobile and web browsers, similar to Sid Meier's Civilization series. Players build and develop their cities, research technologies, forge alliances, and conquer territories. The game spans multiple historical eras, from the Stone Age to the Modern Era, with each era offering unique buildings, units, and technologies. Players must carefully manage their resources, build a strong economy, and form strategic alliances to succeed. With its in-depth gameplay, historical setting, and cross-platform accessibility, Forge of Empires offers an immersive and engaging city-building experience.


Forge of Empires - Explore different ages, Build your tribe, City-building strategy

Application information:

Downloads 40,849,932
Features Become the ruler of a flourishing city and journey through different eras of human history, researching new technologies and constructing magnificent buildings.
Pros Impressive graphics and animations, engaging gameplay, and a massive community.
Cons Can be repetitive at times, and in-app purchases can be expensive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “When the game came out it was fun and enjoyable. Loved building an pushing to the next levels. Thing is the higher you go the bigger the buildings go and the lands you can use (which over time you would think they would be compacting things a little bit more. Played in only one world. Now it seems the creators or thinkers of the game have added more stuff on the lands. Good right? No! The time line has gotten less and lesser enjoyable and desirable. Get rid of the space ship for example.” – 2/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “The game keeps me engaged and is, in general, the best simulation game I've played. The support from Inno is excellent, and the general quality of the software and graphics is world class. Unfortunately, Inno has changed their approach recently and most new features are naked attempts to force players to spend real money buying diamonds. For example having to spend around $80 to complete the event building. I might quit the game.” – 3/5 in Play Store

3. DomiNations

DomiNations Icon

Take over the world and conquer your enemies. Base building meets war strategy

DomiNations is a mobile game similar to Civilization, where players build and manage their own empires. Players start by choosing a civilization, each with its own unique bonuses and units. They must then gather resources, build cities, and train armies to conquer their enemies. DomiNations also features a unique "Wonder" system, where players can build iconic landmarks to provide powerful bonuses to their empires. With its engaging gameplay and stunning graphics, DomiNations is a must-play for fans of strategy games.


DomiNations - Real-time strategy gameplay, Historical civilizations and leaders

Application information:

Downloads 19,194,084
Features Build your empire, conquer your enemies, and become the greatest leader in history.
Pros Exciting gameplay, stunning graphics, and endless possibilities.
Cons Can be repetitive at times, and in-app purchases can be expensive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “It is a good game and the pvp aspect and alliance battles are acceptable. The upgrade times are quite a grind and updates only caused my phone to kick me out of mid battles almost now over 50 percent of time. Not worth trying to retrain troops and collect items and resources for it to be lost again in battles I am unable to finish. Especially since I choose ones I can win more often than not. I rather get a win and get some stars for the fight and a few points knowing I won and get extra resources. But to lose it all in a battle because the connection.. and each update makes it worse.. plus like everyone else that is critical .. the game is not as good and it is going towards those that pay get further faster ...ect.” – 3/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “This would be 5 out of 5 stars, love the graphics and the concept but I'm really starting to hate this trend in games where it becomes unplayable unless you constantly spend real money. That my friend, is what ruins a game. As soon as everything started taking 8+ hours to build one building or one upgrade, I got so bored because I couldn't do anything else... unless I wanted to spend alot of money. I'd like it better if the game could be beaten faster and you can replay it going through the ages again” – 5/5 in Play Store

4. Godus

Godus Icon

An award-winning sandbox game. Craft a living world. Build a civilisation

In the mobile game Godus, the player acts as a god overseeing a civilization. The player can use their divine powers to shape the landscape, create resources, and guide their followers. As the civilization grows, the player can unlock new abilities and technologies, and must also manage the needs and desires of their followers. Godus is a unique and engaging game that combines elements of strategy, simulation, and god games.


Godus - Sculpt the landscape, Nurture a civilization, Cast miracles

Application information:

Downloads 14,110,680
Features Be the God of your world by sculpting the landscape, nurturing life and guiding your followers to become a thriving civilization.
Pros Relaxing and satisfying gameplay, beautiful graphics, engaging world-building mechanics.
Cons Limited content and replayability, occasional bugs and performance issues.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “First off, removing and adding land is very inaccurate! I wasted a lot of beliefe trying to change the land and it simply does not work well. Next, I have no clue why I started to lose happiness, with no guidence on how to change it. To progress you need stickers on your cards to activate them. I did well in the first Islands, but as expected, because of the land shaping problem, Its impossible to clear the second stage with 3 stars. It becomes a pay to play at this point to progress.” – 2/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “this is fun, but playability caps out unless you spend money for belief. I've been trying to sculpt the land since yesterday so people will build another beacon, but the beacon is on a mountain. I can play for about 2 minutes then have to wait hours to build up enough belief before I can do anything else. three stars are impossible to get on the voyages. I really like the concept, but gameplay needs work.” – 2/5 in Play Store

5. The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia Icon

Turn based strategy game. Build a civilization and take it into battle!

The Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based strategy game for mobile devices that is similar to Civilization. Players build a civilization and take it into battle against other civilizations. The game features a variety of different tribes, each with its own unique abilities and units. Players must manage their resources, build cities, and train armies in order to conquer their opponents. The Battle of Polytopia is a challenging and addictive game that is perfect for fans of strategy games.


The Battle of Polytopia - Turn-based strategy gameplay, Offline and multiplayer modes

Application information:

Downloads 13,600,151
Features Turn-based strategy game where you build a civilization and take it into battle.
Pros Addictive gameplay, lots of replay value, beautiful graphics.
Cons Can be difficult to learn, some in-app purchases can be expensive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Lily Lily: “This is my favorite game! I've had it on my phone for years and play it almost every day. The fact the game always creates new levels offers endless possibilities. My only regret is that since the last upgrade, the game is very difficult. Between the bridges and the super units being able to hit all the units in the vicinity, the polaris being able to freeze units as they move, it's almost impossible to beat, and I'm only playing the average level of difficulty!” – 5/5 in Play Store

Jake Tucker: “Great. Addictive. Filled with strategic depth. The updates are good. Anyone who thinks the game needs settler units is dumb. The AI (even on Crazy) is easy, but going for a high score in perfection is consistently challenging. The game deserves a higher rating. It's frustrating seeing one star reviews that essentially amount to "I hate the recent update" or "this game is too hard wahhh".” – 5/5 in Play Store

6. Rise of Cultures

Rise of Cultures Icon

Ready to rise your kingdom? Experience history. Build a city. Discovery awaits!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Rise of Cultures, a mobile game that mirrors the grandeur of Civilization. Build and expand your kingdom from humble beginnings, guiding it through the annals of history. Craft intricate city layouts, research groundbreaking technologies, and forge strategic alliances. Engage in thrilling battles, conquer new territories, and uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations. With stunning graphics and intuitive gameplay, Rise of Cultures offers an enthralling experience that will transport you to a world of endless possibilities.


Rise of Cultures - Multiple empires in one game, Stunning monuments and structures

Application information:

Downloads 4,860,997
Features Build your city, research new technologies, discover new cultures, and conquer the world in this exciting strategy game.
Pros Beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, and a huge variety of content.
Cons Can be a bit slow at times, and some of the in-app purchases can be expensive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

yaboi 504: “Beautiful art style, didn't see ads while I played. Does not force iap on you. Timed projects take a while to finish by the 2nd age, enough that I was checking 2 or 3 times a day. Progress slowed because of this, I tapped out before finishing bronze age. Shame, had promise for me. Just couldn't feel like I was advancing anywhere in a 10 minute session, so felt it was time to leave.” – 4/5 in Play Store

Parker Rockey: “When I first started playing I encountered a bug with a paid offer that restricted my progress because I couldn't click through the tutorial prompts. I came back a few days later after the offer expired to try again, and I haven't stopped playing since. The game rarely, if ever, pushes you to buy premium currency, and I'm nearly at the end of the last era (Rome) and haven't spent a penny. Not pay-to-win, but does obviously require some waiting. They recently added events too. Highly recommended.” – 5/5 in Play Store

7. Rising

Rising Icon

Forge your empires in our medieval strategy games of war, start your own age now

In the realm of mobile strategy games, "Rising" stands as a captivating masterpiece, reminiscent of the legendary "Civilization" franchise. Immerse yourself in a medieval world where you build thriving cities, raise formidable armies, and forge alliances to conquer vast territories. Engage in epic battles, employ cunning diplomacy, and unravel the secrets of ancient civilizations as you strive to establish your empire as the dominant force in the realm. With its captivating gameplay, stunning graphics, and endless strategic possibilities, "Rising" offers an unparalleled mobile gaming experience that will captivate strategy enthusiasts for countless hours.


Rising - Build your castle, Explore an unknown world, Recruit legendary heroes

Application information:

Downloads 4,784,452
Features Forge your empires in our medieval strategy games of war, start your own age now, build castles, gather resources, train troops, and conquer the world
Pros Exciting medieval strategy gameplay, engaging storyline, stunning graphics
Cons Can be repetitive at times, requires a lot of time and effort to progress

Comments and Reviews from users:

Steve Duncan: “This game is great! Instead of choosing between different alliances you choose between 3 blocs (or teams) and you compete with the other 2 teams for kingdom rights! Europa is the strongest!!! There are only two down falls I have with this game. You don't get notified if your getting attacked or scouted while offline, and also there is no way of knowing if one of your teammates is getting attacked. Wish they would fix that. If that was fixed it would be 5stars. Also the event rewards are AWESOME!” – 3/5 in Play Store

Richard Evans: “I really appreciate how they treat the player as an individual, treating the player to extra gift codes and great customer service. The game itself is pretty fun, being someone who played Ages of Empires as a kid, I really enjoy the nostalgic feel to the game. Even though the controls will always be obviously different because it's mobile instead of PC and I feel like that's where alot of players end up losing interest because they expected it to be exactly like the old game when it surely can't” – 5/5 in Play Store

8. Unciv

Unciv Icon

Open source 4X civilization-building game

Unciv is an open-source 4X turn-based strategy game for mobile devices that is heavily inspired by the Civilization series. In Unciv, players lead a civilization from its humble beginnings to become a global power. Players can explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate their way to victory. The game features a variety of civilizations to choose from, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. Unciv is a deep and engaging strategy game that is perfect for fans of the Civilization series or anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding mobile gaming experience.


Unciv - Fast and lightweight, No ads, free forever, Open-source and community-driven

Application information:

Downloads 2,636,535
Features Open-source, cross-platform 4X turn-based strategy game inspired by Civilization V, with features such as diplomacy, warfare, technology, and culture.
Pros Free, highly customizable, actively developed, large modding community.
Cons Graphics are more simplistic than commercial 4X games, AI can be lacking at times, no multiplayer.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “This is a fantastic and faithful representation of the classic Civ formula. About everything that you might expect is in this game, aside from flashy graphics (though there is some appealing pixel art here nonetheless). This game will easily enthrall you. The only issues present are some fiddly controls, especially with the game distinguishing between move and select unit inputs. Overall, however, this is an incredible achievement made even better by being untainted by ads or microtransactions.” – 5/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “Civ V (vanilla) clone for the phone. I've also gotten it to work on a Kindle fire using f-droid. Graphics are simplified, but the AI works reasonably well, it has a full tech tree and unit promotion, and the game plays through to the end. No ads, popups, or in game purchases. It does have some minor flaws; the map is bordered, it tends to crash on very large maps (phone limitations), & some UI annoyances from the touchscreen, but overall this is the best Android game I've ever found. 9.8/10” – 5/5 in Play Store

9. Hexapolis

Hexapolis Icon

Build your civilisation, win wars and expand your empire in turn based strategy.

In the captivating realm of Hexapolis, you embark on an epic turn-based strategy adventure. As the leader of a burgeoning civilization, you'll guide your people through the ages, constructing magnificent cities, amassing powerful armies, and engaging in strategic warfare. Expand your empire, conquer territories, and forge alliances or rivalries with neighboring civilizations. With its intuitive gameplay, stunning graphics, and endless replayability, Hexapolis offers a captivating mobile experience that will transport you to a world of strategy, conquest, and empire-building.


Hexapolis - 4X turn-based strategy, Unique hex map gameplay, Stylized heroes with abilities

Application information:

Downloads 1.2M+
Features Build your civilization, win wars, and expand your empire in this turn-based strategy game.
Pros Deep and engaging gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a large community of players.
Cons Can be grindy at times, and some features are only available through microtransactions.

Comments and Reviews from users:

ccn bou: “Game is fun, ads are bearable; would help if EVERYTHING didn't need an ad. Overall game experience is fun, leveling up is easy, the characters are definitely cartoonie and game-like. Maybe a note to developers, give more rewards for lengthy games/levels, that way the ad-watching can be toned down a bit. Map game play is excellent and on par with most other games in this sub-genre. Would love to see maybe a mine or some sort of placement within the lakes/ocean areas for defense.” – 4/5 in Play Store

Justin Kuczma: “This game has been great, now all of a sudden it is completely impossible to play. I am on the final board of level 17 hard and within 5 turns all the AI's have an insane number of generals. Also they seem to have 4 or more settlements that are at level 5 or higher. Not sure how this is possible. Was a fun game, challenging, but still playable. I think I am giving it another day and then deleting forever. Also the AI is no longer following the rules for combat set forth by the game.” – 2/5 in Play Store

10. Idle Civilizations

Idle Civilizations Icon

Journey through eras, from ancient times. From worker to tycoon. Build kingdom

In Idle Civilizations, you'll embark on a captivating journey through the annals of history, guiding your civilization from humble beginnings to unprecedented heights. Starting as a lone worker, you'll gradually amass resources, construct magnificent structures, and lead your people towards prosperity. As you progress, you'll witness the rise and fall of empires, unlocking new technologies and expanding your influence across the globe. With its engaging gameplay and stunning visuals, Idle Civilizations offers an immersive and unforgettable experience for mobile gamers.


Idle Civilizations - Civilization Evolution Simulation, Idle Gameplay, Time Travel Adventure

Application information:

Downloads 1,089,547
Features Build your own civilization, from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Manage resources, construct buildings, research technologies, and conquer new lands.
Pros Easy to play, addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics.
Cons Can be repetitive at times, in-app purchases can be expensive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Master Blaster: “The background is constantly going over the buttons and behind them. The game is playable, but the current glitch screams poor quality. Get it fixed, and the game will be worth 4*, but as for originality, it is severely lacking. It's just a different theme for the same game. Maybe try creating a way for people to not only see other players progressing side by side but make it competitive. Free idea on me.” – 3/5 in Play Store

Will Ferrigno: “Hopefully the developers read this, there appears to be a small bug on Level 6 Primal Crafts, where you are able to unlock the coats before the pots (cheaper price to unlock creating them) but you get the upgrades for them (like x2 crafting speed) for the pots before the coats. Not sure if this was intentional, because for all the other items on this and other levels you start to get the upgrades for the types of goods generally in the order of cheapest to most expensive to originally unlock.” – 5/5 in Play Store

11. Civilization VI

Civilization VI Icon

Play 60 turns of Civilization VI for FREE. Upgrade to keep playing!

Immerse yourself in a world of historical strategy with Civilization VI, an epic turn-based game that brings the beloved franchise to mobile devices. Lead one of 20 civilizations and guide them through the ages, researching technologies, expanding your empire, and engaging in diplomacy and warfare. With stunning graphics, intuitive touch controls, and the depth of gameplay you've come to expect from Civilization, this mobile adaptation is a must-have for strategy enthusiasts.


Civilization VI - Empire building simulation, Strategic decision-making

Application information:

Downloads 1,036,118
Features Explore a vast world, expand your empire, advance your culture, and conquer your enemies, as you lead your civilization to greatness.
Pros Deep and engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, and endless replayability.
Cons Can be overwhelming for new players, AI can sometimes be too easy to defeat, and late-game can become repetitive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Ramsey Baden: “Finally got this downloaded after several attempts. It's an absolutely massive download, but it is truly mind-blowing to have the fully-fledged Civ experience on mobile - with the caveat that it's priced accordingly. Definitely considering it though, especially after seeing how well it runs. Edit: Went for it and have no regrets. I think it's worth paying to ensure that high-quality, fully-featured experiences like this keep coming to Google Play. That said, the DLC pricing is a tough pill.” – 4/5 in Play Store

jeff nelson: “Gameplay is good. Runs great on my note 10+. I keep having an issue though where it will disable my dlc. So I go to start a new game, and realize that once again it's playing on base game rules and I have to exit out, go into the dlc menu, re-enable my purchased dlc, then start another game under the right ruleset. It's very annoying. And happens every time I open the app. I have to always remember to "enable" the things I paid for.” – 3/5 in Play Store

12. Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2 Icon

The sequel to one of the most successful strategy games on mobile is here!

Civilization Revolution 2 is a turn-based strategy game in which players build and manage their own empires. Players can choose from a variety of civilizations, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. The game features a variety of gameplay modes, including single-player campaigns, multiplayer matches, and a scenario editor. Civilization Revolution 2 is a great choice for fans of strategy games and is a must-have for any mobile gamer.


Civilization Revolution 2 - Brand new 3D presentation, Enhanced tactical depth

Application information:

Downloads 386300
Features Control all the great civilizations and conquer the world in one of 4 exciting game modes, including the new Domination Mode which offers new ways to achieve victory in a quicker amount of time.
Pros Beautiful graphics, simple controls, easy-to-learn gameplay, and a great number of civilizations to play as.
Cons The AI can be a bit too aggressive at times, and random events can be annoying, but otherwise it's a great game.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “I have spent tons of time on this game. I like it for the most part. I like how the different civilizations affect gameplay and that you have to play to their strengths. You can use terrain to win battles that you might have lost. There's naval battles, fights for air superiority and fighting over choke points and resources. Plus they leave options for using culture to beat a militarily stronger opponent. What I dislike is the lack of diplomacy. It's always "give us this technology or die" and then it a strength check. Also, it seems like there is a flaw in the combat system. I don't think I've ever heard of a fighter jet being shot down by a musket, but it happens alot here. Also, the units are usually represented in 3s but some of the stronger units only have 2, so sometimes the 3s beat the 2s or 1s just because it had 3 troops representing the unit. It leads to some frustration. Then there's a huge skill gap in the Warlord and King difficulty. It feels like you'll play regular and suddenly all enemies have Infantrymen attacking your Archers because they somehow managed to all discover gunpowder in 3 turns (exaggeration). All in all, I enjoy the game, just wish there was a little more depth to the diplomacy with other nations and the combat mechanics were tweaked.” – 4/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “I love Civilization. This version is fun when it works. There are some annoyances (the city view stops showing everything, so you have to save and then reload to get it back), but after two weeks of fun, it refused to "continue" a game or "load" my saved game. It just stays on the "loading" screen... for hours. Reboot etc.; same thing. And I had tanks and battleships ready to roll! UPDATE: Put my rating up to four. Still some issues, but reinstalling takes care of it.” – 4/5 in Play Store