The 16 best games campaign on Android, iPhone

Get ready for the ultimate mobile gaming experience with the best shooter games for Android and iPhone! Modern Combat 5, Cover Fire, World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS, and more offer intense battles, stunning graphics, and thrilling gameplay.

App Logo Available On Reviews Downloads Size Features
1. Modern Combat 5 Modern Combat 5 Icon Android, iOS 4.7/5 185M+ 2.52 GB First person shooter, Great graphics, Intense multiplayer
2. Cover Fire Cover Fire Icon Android, iOS 4.6/5 145M+ 804.88 MB Offline shooting, Realistic 3D graphics, Fun offline missions
3. World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS Icon Android, iOS 4.7/5 122M+ 2.18 GB 12+ WW2 battlegrounds, 4 countries' weaponry, 6 dynamic game modes
4. Brothers in Arms™ 3 Brothers in Arms™ 3 Icon Android, iOS 4.6/5 50M+ 0.92 GB Multiplayer battlegrounds, Squad-based combat, Upgrade weapons and allies
5. Left to Survive Left to Survive Icon Android, iOS 4.7/5 46M+ 1.05 GB Zombie shooting game, PvP matches, Helicopter raids
6. Infinity Ops Infinity Ops Icon Android, iOS 4.7/5 40M+ 804.52 MB Multiplayer FPS, Sci-fi and Cyberpunk, Team PvP combat
7. Battleops | Offline Gun Game Battleops | Offline Gun Game Icon Android 4.4/5 22M+ n/a Immersive Storyline, Offline Gunplay, AAA Game Graphics
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1. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 Icon

Team first time shooter challenges. Shooting classes and modern combat style

In the gripping campaign of Modern Combat 5, players embark on a thrilling journey as they assume the role of Phoenix Team, an elite squad tasked with neutralizing a global terrorist threat. Across a series of immersive missions, they battle through war-torn cities, infiltrate enemy bases, and engage in intense firefights against skilled adversaries. The campaign offers a captivating blend of action, strategy, and stealth, immersing players in a world of modern warfare and testing their combat prowess.

Download: Android, iOS

Modern Combat 5 - First person shooter, Great graphics, Intense multiplayer

Application information:

Downloads 100M+
Features With realistic graphics, intense multiplayer action and gripping storyline, Modern Combat 5 is a first person shooter that pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming.
Pros Stunning graphics, addictive gameplay, and a variety of weapons and maps.
Cons In-app purchases can be expensive, and the game can be grindy at times.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “Extremely rough game to get into, matchmaking needs work. Campaign is fun, and you can play for free but I wouldn't expect a smooth ride. Also, I'm not sure why but this game will sometimes make you aim off into nowhere. I play a few shooters on my phone using mostly the same UI and it's the only one that does it, so I'm fairly certain it's not a hard-ware issue. As a left-law player I would like to be able to move my map in the ui customization” – 3/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “Very good graphics and an impressive selection of not only guns, but grenade types too. I like the number of different classes to choose from but only a few really are of any real effeciency; most of the classes have a fun skill or look but are not really worth playing. A lot of achievements for beginners but then everything stalls and I am left with: mediocre hit detection, bland single player characters and story, many weapon upgrades which give no noticeable changes, and frequent crashes.” – 3/5 in Play Store

2. Cover Fire

Cover Fire Icon

Offline Shooter and Sniper Game on mobile. Warning it's addictive

In the gripping campaign of Cover Fire, players embark on a perilous journey as leader of a resistance movement fighting against a tyrannical regime. As they progress through war-torn environments, they'll command a squad of skilled soldiers, each with unique abilities. Together, they must overcome intense battles, rescue hostages, and uncover the secrets behind the oppressive force they face. Along the way, players will witness the horrors of war and the unyielding spirit of those fighting for freedom.

Download: Android, iOS

Cover Fire - Offline shooting, Realistic 3D graphics, Fun offline missions

Application information:

Comments and Reviews from users:

Rita Gonsoulin: “I totally enjoyed the game in the beginning. I've completed all campaigns (all episodes) and have been waiting for almost a year for the new episodes (14 and higher) and nothing yet. The events and battles are repetitive and boring. I've tried emailing a few times about this with no response. I guess I will be Uninstalling it soon, especially with no response” – 2/5 in Play Store

Tim Lindsey: “Need more money as the upgrades get higher . The amount of time to wait for a upgrade is worthless , you wait long enough to collect the money it takes to get them , shouldn't have to wait after purchase. Make extra cash option is gone from my game now . Need a better balance. Watching videos doesn't always work , only way out is to restart . It is a fun game though just need a fix here and there. 5 stars went down to 3. Good game for a tablet. Lone Wolf” – 3/5 in Play Store

3. World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS

World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS Icon

Legendary frist person shooter with players around the world! Thrilling battles!

In the captivating campaign of "World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS", players are transported back to the iconic battlefields of World War II. As they progress through thrilling missions, they'll experience the intensity of historic battles like the D-Day landings, the Battle of Stalingrad, and the Battle of Berlin. Along the way, they'll command legendary armies, upgrade their weapons, and forge alliances with other players to secure victory. With its immersive gameplay and historically accurate details, the campaign offers a captivating and unforgettable experience for mobile gamers.

Download: Android, iOS

World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS - 12+ WW2 battlegrounds, 4 countries' weaponry, 6 dynamic game modes

Application information:

Downloads 121,793,609
Features Legendary first person shooter with players around the world! Thrilling battles!
Pros Great graphics, realistic gameplay, and a variety of weapons and maps.
Cons Can be repetitive at times, and some players may find it too difficult.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Edward Ramirez: “Best shooting game to take out your frustration . Doesn't matter if you win or not , you get to shoot anyone in your path. Get in a tank for hardcore damage or ambush your enemy . Either way you have options . It's never a complete loss if you had the satisfacción of taking down a few fighters. Come get sum of my lead. Pew. Update!!! The recent upgrade sucks!!!!!! Please put back the way it was before!!!!! You went from 5 stars to 2 stars barely.” – 5/5 in Play Store

Felipe Barreda: “I still like this game but there have been changes I'm not crazy about. My landmines are not effective yet when I step on someone else's I instantly die. Someone is cheating. Don't like the train; long distance shots on automatic riffles is impossible. I will still keep playing the game but it is not as good as before. Also the battleship environment is cool but you need to add more different environments to keep the game interesting. Can't change from assaulter to sniper. Not nice!!!!” – 2/5 in Play Store

4. Brothers in Arms™ 3

Brothers in Arms™ 3 Icon

Multiplayer shooting action combat World War 2 game

Brothers in Arms™ 3 is a thrilling mobile game that takes you on an epic journey through the battlefields of World War 2. As Sergeant Wright, you'll lead your squad of elite paratroopers through intense missions inspired by historical events. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Brothers in Arms™ 3 offers a captivating single-player campaign that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Download: Android, iOS

Brothers in Arms™ 3 - Multiplayer battlegrounds, Squad-based combat, Upgrade weapons and allies

Application information:

Downloads 49,956,592
Features Exciting missions in historical settings, authentic World War 2 weaponry, intense multiplayer battles, and stunning graphics.
Pros Provides an immersive WW2 experience, with great graphics and engaging gameplay
Cons Can be repetitive at times, and some in-app purchases may be necessary for a better experience.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “A very fun campaign experience! (Haven't tried multiplayer yet) Wide variety of weapons, missions, enemies, and well-planned tactical situations to work out in gameplay. Took me some effort to get the hang of it - small, subtle adjustments to your aim are key, along with controlled bursts of gunfire and use of "consumable" weapons (grenades, Molotov cocktails, bazookas, etc.) My fave WWII (love the history!) shooter for mobile!” – 5/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “The graphics are great, just wish it had an aim button to help aim better. The multiplayer game kind of sucks when you play against people that's ranked way higher than you. Also my team had two people and the other had three which was spawning us right in the middle of the gunfire not giving us a chance to move or hunt for the other members and just get killed every time. Points and upgrades to weapons could be better.” – 3/5 in Play Store

5. Left to Survive

Left to Survive Icon

Life among dead after apocalypse on earth. Zombie shooter & survival in daylight

In the post-apocalyptic world of Left to Survive, a deadly virus has turned most of humanity into zombies. The few survivors must band together to fight for their lives and rebuild civilization. Players take on the role of a survivor who must recruit a team of heroes, build a base, and fight off the zombie hordes. The game features a variety of missions, including story missions, survival missions, and PvP battles. Players can also collect resources, build and upgrade their base, and research new technologies to help them survive in this harsh new world.

Download: Android, iOS

Left to Survive - Zombie shooting game, PvP matches, Helicopter raids

Application information:

Downloads 45,927,871
Features Zombie shooter and strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must build a base, recruit survivors, and fight off hordes of zombies.
Pros Great graphics, engaging gameplay, and a variety of weapons and characters to choose from.
Cons Can be repetitive at times, and the in-app purchases can be expensive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “Challenging without being overly complex. Aiming is a bit whompus at times but can be overlooked. Relatively easy to obtain gold bars without having to feel like buying is almost necessary. Simple upgrade system with no overly complex tiers. Great game overall! Edit: Game is still good overall but has become glitchy and some areas need improvement. -PVP Servers are unstable. You'll lose a match without having even started or you'll start bugging out where you can't even get to cover. -The PVP Match system either matches you with someone way lower or against someone way higher than your level. -Raid mode: the Avenge system is garbage, you will rarely get to avenge a raid against another player because the status shows they cannot be attacked and are soon gone within a couple of days. PVP INTEL IS GARBAGE. With the game's control scheme its not ideal for this as it is easy to accidentally run back to cover and lose a match because of pressing the wrong arrow. Lose the intel match ups! Global chat has nothing positive to say about it.” – 3/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “the game is fun and well done but..the "management" is very greedy and the game is designed to force you to spend money at every turn in order to keep the game fun and have it progress at a reasonably normal speed. I think they had a great game that was fun, but because of greed, the game is now frustrating, grossly expensive, and upgrades to a single building can take a week to complete making game progression waaaaaay too slow. (unless you want to spend a ton of money to speed it up of course)” – 3/5 in Play Store

6. Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops Icon

A Sci-Fi online first person shooter with players from around the world!

In the year 2042, humanity has colonized the solar system and a fierce war for resources is raging. You are a soldier in one of two elite mercenary factions, fighting on the front lines of this intergalactic conflict. Infinity Ops is a fast-paced, action-packed FPS with stunning graphics and intense multiplayer battles. Choose from a variety of weapons and abilities to customize your playstyle and lead your team to victory.

Download: Android, iOS

Infinity Ops - Multiplayer FPS, Sci-fi and Cyberpunk, Team PvP combat

Application information:

Downloads 40,141,872
Features Infinity Ops is a dynamic online shooter game with a massive arsenal of modern weapons and abilities.
Pros Fun and exciting to play with great graphics and smooth gameplay.
Cons Can be difficult to play against experienced players and there are some in-app purchases.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “I loved this game at first. It had great graphics, good UI, and a fun level of competition. But after I got to rank 20 everything changed. I kept being put into matches with players who were way higher ranked than me. At one point I was stuck using the gun you begin with while they were using a maxed out machine gun and I could not do a single thing to help. I saved up my gold but the guns are so expensive and I'm making so little gold that its impossible. So please fix the way the ranking for games works and this will be absolutely perfect.” – 3/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “It's a good time killer. However, the servers need a REWORK. I've had games come full stop for 30 seconds straight because of lag. My graphics are on the lowest settings and every time I start a gunfight, it lags and/or the framerate drops. Also I'm not completely sure if the game is online. You'd think it is because of the lag, but I get into a titan every game and I've never seen one anywhere else.” – 3/5 in Play Store

7. Battleops | Offline Gun Game

Battleops | Offline Gun Game Icon

3 Modes i.e. FPS Story Based Series, Multiplayer, and Zombie with full action.

Battleops | Offline Gun Game is an engaging mobile game that takes you on an action-packed adventure. With three thrilling modes – FPS Story Based Series, Multiplayer, and Zombie – the game offers a captivating experience for every player. Embark on a thrilling campaign filled with intense battles and strategic gameplay. Engage in thrilling multiplayer matches, testing your skills against other players. Or, experience the heart-stopping Zombie mode, where survival is the ultimate goal. Battleops delivers an immersive and adrenaline-pumping experience, all within the convenience of your mobile device.

Download: Android

Battleops | Offline Gun Game - Immersive Storyline, Offline Gunplay, AAA Game Graphics

Application information:

Downloads 21,631,022
Features Three action-packed modes: FPS Story Based Series, Multiplayer, and Zombie.
Pros Exciting and engaging gameplay, even when offline.
Cons Limited customization options and potential for repetitive gameplay.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Bob Goldrick: “It has a "sort" of tutorial that forces you to do stuff, like buy an upgrade that is kind of worthless for 7k. There is no pause button. Movement is choppy. No gamepad compatability, this is like the first thing a real gamer wants from a FPS. The character appears to be invincible. even better, the ad bar at the top of the screen cuts off the map and controls, touch control occasionaly fails completely.” – 2/5 in Play Store

Billy James: “I give it 3/5. Works great pnline even on 2g!! Two points away for bugs/controls. Example of controls is needing sliding and auto run or sprint lock. You can only Sprint forward and backwards not at any angle or sideways. Also the bugs I can remember right now is on the map with the tall grass and outside buildings, you jump through the window where you spawn to the right and get stuck inside the white frame every time. Other bug is in zombies where u can fall off the map. 90% bots online 😭” – 3/5 in Play Store

8. Call of Duty®

Call of Duty® Icon

Shoot and fight for survival in this FPS Battle Royale & MP action game!

In the gripping campaign of Call of Duty®: Mobile, players embark on a thrilling journey as iconic characters from the beloved franchise. From the war-torn streets of Berlin to the frozen landscapes of Siberia, they fight alongside legendary heroes and confront a nefarious terrorist organization threatening global security. With intense firefights, cinematic cutscenes, and heart-pounding missions, the campaign delivers an immersive and unforgettable Call of Duty experience on the mobile platform.

Download: Android, iOS

Call of Duty® - Battle Royale, Multiplayer FPS, Iconic maps

Application information:

Downloads 18,438,723
Features Dominate the competition in this intense, online multiplayer FPS experience or form squads and take on the thrilling Battle Royale mode.
Pros Enjoy versatile gameplay, customizable loadouts, and frequent updates that keep the experience fresh and engaging.
Cons The game's microtransactions and occasional server issues can be frustrating for some players, and its large file size may require ample storage space.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Vance Ferrera: “It honestly could've been better. I'm currently using a TECNO Spark 20 for playing this game, and the experience was terrible. It can barely reach 30+ frames and somewhat playable but the experience is still not good. There are times that the game will froze for a few seconds and when interacting with UI it seemed laggy. Please fix the heating issue, the temporary freeze in-game, and the laggy UI. It could've been rated higher, without these issues.” – 2/5 in Play Store

Trevor Spillar: “It's a nice concept, but it's very poorly optimized for older phones. I have an s22 ultra,and this game makes my phone very hot, and I have to literally put it in the fridge to cool it down. Occasionally, the game works fine, but after a few minutes, I can barely play it at 5fps. Edit: It has gotten even worse with the updates. I can't even land without the game completely lagging out and not even rendering. I lowered my graphic settings, and it is still trash. Activision, please fix the game.” – 2/5 in Play Store

9. Evolution 2

Evolution 2 Icon

A mix of strategy, RPG and action shooter with the original battle system.

In the captivating campaign of Evolution 2, players embark on an epic quest as a Sentinel, a genetically engineered soldier, fighting against the invading alien horde known as the Raptors. The campaign spans across diverse planets, each with unique environments and challenges. Players must strategically deploy their squad of Sentinels, utilizing their individual abilities and powerful weaponry to overcome hordes of enemies and complete thrilling missions. Along the way, they uncover the secrets behind the Raptor invasion and the fate of humanity.

Download: Android, iOS

Evolution 2 - Action-packed killing games, Unique gameplay, Breathtaking story

Application information:

Downloads 17,408,508
Features Blending the genres of strategy, RPG and action shooter, adding a unique battle system to the mix.
Pros Exciting mix of genres, engaging storyline, stunning graphics.
Cons Can be repetitive at times, some in-app purchases may be necessary for progress.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “this is a much better game than the first one, though i miss the hack puzzles. since the most recent update, the levels have been much harder and not scaled well. i have (or had) fairly well upgraded gear, and now I'm hard pressed to defeat a first level group. also, the mines run out of resources well before there are chances to upgrade the helicopter and gear.” – 4/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “I started on this game in order to get a new ship for HAWK. And after a few weeks on this, I can honestly say this is a really fun game. My biggest gripe is on the aiming. I don't mind dying due to being overpowered by the enemy, but to die because the auto-aim switches off the target I manually selected is just frustrating. The difficulty levels are also a headscratcher. For example, I've upgraded my attack copter quite a bit (Garuda) and yet my success % for Executions went down for single star missions. So you would think that upgrading your soldier and equipment would make single star missions easier, but that's not the case. Other than that, the "grind" isn't bad at all. Ads aren't too intrusive and you don't HAVE to pay to win. I play on my OnePlus 6T and have experienced several crashes where I had to restart the game. Match-making is somewhat of a hit or miss, depending on who joins. I've also been through one update where the devs changed which resources were required to craft grenades and med-packs. This was not a welcome change at all. I'm at level 32 now and am not sure I'll play after I hit 40 (which is what I need to reach to get the promo code for HAWK). The game takes a lot of time and if the updates lay waste to that commitment, then why bother?” – 4/5 in Play Store

10. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends Icon

Multiplayer online games, RPG shooter with PvP, Co-Op and Epic story campaign

Shadowgun Legends is a mobile RPG shooter game with a captivating story campaign. Players embark on an epic journey as they battle against a formidable alien threat. Along the way, they uncover a deep and immersive storyline, complete with memorable characters and thrilling cutscenes. The campaign features a diverse range of missions, from intense firefights to stealthy infiltrations, challenging players' skills and strategic thinking. With its engaging narrative and action-packed gameplay, Shadowgun Legends' campaign offers an unforgettable mobile gaming experience.

Download: Android, iOS

Shadowgun Legends - Immersive online multiplayer, Award-winning action

Application information:

Downloads Downloads: 16391889
Features Immersive multiplayer online role-playing shooter game with co-op and PvP modes, thrilling story campaign, and a vast arsenal of weapons and abilities.
Pros Stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, diverse character classes, and a captivating storyline.
Cons Limited endgame content, occasional server issues, and in-app purchases can be expensive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “This game is incedibly dazzling! I like the gameplay, but it could really use some updating. When you shoot a lot of the time it doesn't even register, and no this is NOT an internet issue, I play at 20-30 ms, and I really want this to be fixed. The graphics are great, but I wish you could be able to adjust them more freely such as having a textures option, anti aliasing option, shadow option, and effects option. Lastly, the controls. The controls are great.” – 5/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “This is a fun game. Reminds me of Destiny, Borderlands and other shoot & loot games. The controls are also very mobile friendly. A lot of mobile shooters I've played it's hard to aim and hit targets. But in this game there's an autoshoot feature that causes your character to automatically shoot once you are aiming at a target. This allows you to focus more on dodging attacks and aiming instead of contorting your fingers to aim, shoot, and move at the same time. Fun game! Definitely worth a try” – 5/5 in Play Store

11. Battle Prime

Battle Prime Icon

Mobile tactical shooter: shooting games, pvp combat! 3rd person modern army game

Battle Prime is a thrilling mobile tactical shooter game that immerses you in a captivating campaign. As a skilled soldier, you embark on a perilous journey filled with intense third-person combat. Navigate through immersive environments, engage in strategic firefights, and utilize a diverse arsenal of weapons and abilities. Battle Prime's campaign challenges your tactical prowess, tests your reflexes, and offers an unforgettable gaming experience on the go.

Download: Android, iOS

Battle Prime - Stunning 3D graphics, Intense multiplayer battles, Unique shooter gameplay

Application information:

Downloads 14.8 million
Features Immersive third-person shooter with realistic graphics, diverse heroes with unique abilities, team-based multiplayer battles, challenging missions and events, customizable weapons and gear.
Pros Stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, diverse characters, regular updates.
Cons Can be grindy, occasional matchmaking issues, some in-app purchases can be expensive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Grey -Kame: “The game is even better then call of duty mobile and most fps I've played, in my opinion. Console level graphics and environments, smooth textures, different gameplay modes, cool maps, weapons and customizable operators. But the only problem I'm facing is that I've lost all my progress back when I used to play by downloading from the web, how I restore my previous account? I've progressed so far, it feels like a hassle to start from scratch again.” – 4/5 in Play Store

Ellington Fountain: “Great game and it's realistic and a blast to play. Cons: I hate the amount of lag during matches. It get to the point where you can't move it's more common on certain maps. I also think there should be more events and challenges. Pros: I love how you can choose your views. I also like the sliding capability and the fact that each operator is useful and has their own skills and skins. I also enjoy the fact that the matchmaking is fast. Suggestions: implement "BATTLE ROYAL".” – 4/5 in Play Store

12. Noblemen

Noblemen Icon

Fight in 3rd person while leading your armies. Experience incredible graphics!

In the mobile game Noblemen, players engage in thrilling third-person combat while commanding their armies. The game boasts stunning graphics that bring the medieval battlefield to life. Players lead their troops into battle, utilizing various tactics and formations to outmaneuver their opponents. With each victory, players expand their territory and increase their power. Noblemen offers a captivating campaign that immerses players in a world of medieval warfare and conquest.

Download: Android, iOS

Noblemen - Offline play, Alternate reality 1896, Large scale battles

Application information:

Downloads 14164878
Features Lead your armies into battle in stunning 3D graphics and conquer your foes.
Pros Great graphics, engaging gameplay
Cons Can be repetitive, some in-app purchases

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “Definitely a gem. One of the best mobile games I have played. Levels get more and more immersive and fighting areas change as you get more in depth. Unlocking characters and armor is rewarding and great. The levels are immersive with either a lighting flashing rainy night or sometimes in the middle of a sunny day. Very well dynamic between board game mechanics and battles between armies. I've been playing for a while and it still surprises me with great graphics and controls that might take a while to get used to but great after. Keeling in mind this is a mobile game I would rate higher than five stars if I could. Kudos to the developers. To completely refine this game, the rigid and unnatural movement of the units should feel more natural. Maybe the AI of the opposing team during battles should become smarter about tactics pushing you to use them as well. Making ill equipped battles not easy to win by obliterating the enemy team with just your main character but rather getting crushed, because of the number of units you have or so on and so forth. Maybe even allowing higher end phones to run with 60fps to provide silky smooth experience with more grand scale battles on higher end phones. There's ofcourse a limit to what phones can do but making the game push the phone to its limits if enabled through the settings for whoever wants would also be another great option. Overall great game however. I hope the developers or at least someone can read this through because this a very lengthy review.” – 5/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “Overall a great game. The story is immersive, but difficult to understand early. Progression can be slow, but it's not super grind-y. The controls are easy to learn, and the different 'classes' help satisfy most playstyles. Not a fan of the most recent update, which got rid of a lot of the gold collection, but overall I'm impressed that this is a mobile game with a console game experience. Good work.” – 4/5 in Play Store

13. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 Icon

The nightmare isn’t over. Plunge into the darkness aboard ESS Meridian again!

In Dead Effect 2, you'll reprise your role as one of three elite soldiers sent to investigate a derelict spaceship, the ESS Meridian. As you explore the ship, you'll uncover the horrific truth behind the outbreak that has turned the crew into bloodthirsty mutants. With a variety of weapons and abilities at your disposal, you'll have to fight your way through hordes of undead enemies, solve puzzles, and make tough choices that will affect the outcome of your mission.

Download: Android, iOS

Dead Effect 2 - Console-quality graphics, RPG layer with deep character development

Application information:

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “Great game just one complaint, the controls seem to kinda stick sometimes.. stick doesn't seem the right word but sometimes when moving it will keep moving in the same direction or keep scrolling in the direction you're looking or keep shooting when you've stopped. All 3 of which can be irritating when in the middle of a firefight.. I've messed with the options and nothing seems to help. Other than that it's a great game.” – 4/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “This is a pretty cool and very detailed game. BIG ISSUE: after a while, several buttons stop working and I can't play the game at all. I can walk around but I can't shoot, reload, or change weapons. If anyone has any ideas as to how this can be solved I'll change the rating. Its un playable. I uninstalled and installed again and no luck. EDIT: it happens that if i turned mt phone upside down, the controls would work, which is cool.” – 3/5 in Play Store

14. The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls Icon

From Bethesda Game Studios — a classic dungeon crawler reimagined.

In the mobile game "The Elder Scrolls: Blades," you embark on a heroic journey as a member of the Blades, the Empire's elite agents. Your mission is to rebuild your hometown after a devastating attack. As you explore dungeons, fight enemies, and complete quests, you'll uncover a sinister plot that threatens the Empire itself. With stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and a compelling storyline, "The Elder Scrolls: Blades" delivers an epic adventure on the go.

Download: Android, iOS

The Elder Scrolls - Stunning dungeon adventures, Customize your own city

Application information:

Downloads 6502501
Features Explore immersive dungeons filled with dangerous monsters, find epic loot, craft powerful weapons and armor, and level up your character with unique abilities and powers.
Pros Engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, epic loot system, deep character customization.
Cons Can be grindy at times, some technical issues, limited end-game content.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Rory Patterson: “Graphics are beautiful for a phone game, very well done. The Gameplay itself isn't very challenging, very simple, but it's a fun time killer for sure. The biggest critique I have is that it takes real life time to craft and build things, like I already spent plenty of time doing missions and collecting materials 🤷🏼‍♂️” – 4/5 in Play Store

Josiah Rutter (Ionn Eetall): “This is a decent game, but there's one major flaw with it. The game includes secret areas that are locked forever once you leave. Meaning you can't replay past missions or explore previous areas in order to find all the secrets! I don't care about grinding for materials so much given the jobs board and whatnot, so each level could have finite resources for all I care. What I do care about that 100% completion! If I missed a secret area, I want to be able to return when I have time and find it.” – 3/5 in Play Store

15. TORN


Old-school massively multiplayer Text RPG set in a world of crime, cash & clans

TORN is a free-to-play, browser-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a modern-day criminal underworld. Players take on the role of a criminal, and must build their criminal empire by robbing banks, stealing cars, and fighting other players. The game features a unique turn-based combat system, and players can form alliances with other players to take on powerful enemies. TORN is a challenging and rewarding game that offers a unique and immersive experience.

Download: Android

TORN - Open-world gameplay, Real-world crime simulation, Deep character customization

Application information:

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “This is actually a really fun game. It is what you make it though. this game requires patience, lots of it. If you're in it for a quick turn around, this game isn't for you. it takes regularly logging in to train stats, and such. It's a very complex game with a simple presentation and out truly has something for everyone. Cons: You will always be waiting on something, whether you're a newbie or a mafia don. Very intimidating learning curve.” – 4/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “Parts of it are very well designed and in depth. Other parts are seriously lacking. The faction system is one of the best I have ever seen. Very detailed The company system is very diverse and offers lots of options for character growth Everyone tells you to get to 15 so you can fly and make millions. No one tells you that flights can take hours and while flying you cant do anything at all. Very boring The item market is roughly 75% garbage items that just get traded back and forth. Poorly done” – 3/5 in Play Store

16. Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager Icon

The 2024 election is in your hands! Will it be Biden or Trump?

In Campaign Manager, the 2024 election is in your hands! Choose to play as Biden or Trump and make strategic decisions to win the popular vote and the electoral college. Allocate funds, hire staff, and give speeches to sway voters. Experience the thrill of a real presidential campaign, with all its ups and downs. Can you lead your candidate to victory?

Download: Android

Campaign Manager - AI based simulation, Replay historical elections, Real-world polling data

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Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “I changed my rating because I realized that the way they are balanced is fine. Previously, I referred to the Clinton v Bush and Dole elections as to why it isn't balanced, as I could barely squeak out a victory at easy difficulty by winning all the swing states and then some, I found out how you decised how to balance them, and that it's fine. However, I do feel as if it is rather limited. I would recommend doing elections back to 1952, as that was the first "modern" election with TV ads” – 4/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “I like the graphics in the new update and the additions. However, some of the changes have glitches or are half-baked. Sometimes the campaign finance money glitches and shows a large sum of money. Their have been a few other graphical glitches. Also the new scenario stuff is not the greatest. If you pick something higher risk there seems to be an extremely high chance of making a mistake, but little reward when you succeed. It so gives you the same scenarios every game.” – 4/5 in Play Store