19 Best games airplane mode on Android, iPhone

19 Best Games Airplane Mode on Android, iPhone

If you're looking for some great games to play on your phone or tablet without using any data, we've got you covered. Here are 19 of the best games that you can play in airplane mode, including 1945 Air Force, Flight Pilot, Airline Commander,...

App Logo Available On Reviews Downloads Size Features
1. 1945 Air Force 1945 Air Force Icon Android, iOS 4.8/5 244M+ 408.84 MB 30+ WWII battle zones, 500+ Challenging campaigns, 50+ Legendary warplanes
2. Flight Pilot Flight Pilot Icon Android, iOS 4.6/5 158M+ 302.44 MB Ultra realistic 3D graphics, Tons of real-life planes
3. Airline Commander Airline Commander Icon Android, iOS 4.6/5 60M+ 1.08 GB Dozens of airliners, Thousands of routes, Realistic aircraft traffic
4. Airport City transport manager Airport City transport manager Icon Android, iOS 4.6/5 53M+ 446.12 MB Strategic city planning, Exciting airplane adventures
5. Sky Warriors Sky Warriors Icon Android, iOS 4.7/5 43M+ 334.87 MB Thrilling air combat, Stunning graphics, Immersive gameplay
6. Offline Games Offline Games Icon Android, iOS 4.9/5 23M+ 129.81 MB 20+ unique minigames, No internet required, Suitable for all ages
7. Airplane Chefs Airplane Chefs Icon Android, iOS 4.6/5 17M+ 206.05 MB Global culinary journey, Unique time management, Immersive stewardess life
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1. 1945 Air Force

1945 Air Force Icon

Airplane game, Arcade games, Arcade shooter. Choose an airplane to fight

In 1945 Air Force, players engage in thrilling aerial combat as they pilot legendary aircraft from World War II. With intuitive controls and a wide selection of planes, each with unique capabilities, the game offers an immersive arcade-style experience. Players navigate intense dogfights, dodging enemy fire and unleashing a barrage of their own to achieve air superiority. The game features stunning graphics, realistic sound effects, and challenging missions that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Download: Android, iOS

1945 Air Force - 30+ WWII battle zones, 500+ Challenging campaigns, 50+ Legendary warplanes

Application information:

Downloads 244264153
Features 1945 Air Force is an airplane game that includes arcade games and arcade shooters. You can choose an airplane to fight.
Pros Exciting gameplay, great graphics, and lots of levels.
Cons Can be difficult to control, and the levels can be repetitive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “It's a fun game. It's a casual, classic arcade style aircraft shooter, which I love. It takes a lot of upgrades to even feel like your aircraft is getting stronger though. I had to level up my main plane 20 times (with a promotion every 10 levels) just to feel like I was doing a little bit more damage. But, that's not why I rated 2 stars. It's rated 2 stars because if you want to get the most powerful plane, with the best wingmen and extra weapon, it'll cost you 10000 gems, which costs $180.” – 2/5 in Play Store

MetalSlugzCockatiel: “Graphics and gameplay are absolutely awesome, as is many concepts such as building wingmen and special weapons. The problems are two fold: 1 - Bugs. There's supposed to be a way of earning modules and upgrades by watching ads or purchasing them with earned in-game gold. There's a twelve hour reset clock when you run a maximum number of ads to earn them. I stay forever in unreset mode. It never turns over. As a result, my aircraft have remained too weak to progress. 2. SHAMELESS APP CASH GRAB” – 2/5 in Play Store

2. Flight Pilot

Flight Pilot Icon

Unleash your inner maverick and CONQUER the skies with a 3D airplane simulator.

Soar through the skies with Flight Pilot, an immersive 3D airplane simulator that puts you in the cockpit of a variety of aircraft. From nimble prop planes to supersonic jets, experience the thrill of flying with realistic controls and breathtaking visuals. Navigate through challenging missions, master precision landings, and explore a vast open world with diverse landscapes. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting your aviation adventure, Flight Pilot offers an unforgettable experience that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

Download: Android, iOS

Flight Pilot - Ultra realistic 3D graphics, Tons of real-life planes

Application information:

Downloads 158,338,932
Features The most realistic 3D flight simulator there is with hundreds of missions to complete, aerobatic maneuvers and races, a huge collection of planes and liveries to add to your hangar, and much more challenges waiting for you!
Pros Amazing graphics and realistic physics, great flight mechanics that are easy to learn but hard to master, and a massive collection of aircraft to choose from.
Cons Some missions can be repetitive and the game can be quite demanding on your device's resources.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “Gave it 3 star because... It needs longer runways. I've often times crashed because the runway just wasn't long enough to land and stop, even with cutting to half throttle...especially on the larger or faster aircraft. Also, the aircraft needed for certain missions are quite expensive. Please make them more reasonable. Also would be cool if u added more levels and areas to explore.” – 3/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “This is an amazing app love it! Graphics are unbelievable. Sweet planes and osm levels. Thanks to the creators. That was my original post and five stars however the big planes have started to glitch for me and are very uneasy to fly!! I have one every level in this game, removed it from my phone and now am on the Masters level. I hope this problem can be fixed! What I notice is that the plane starts to shake right while taking off, causing it to stall and crash, making it hard togetoff ground” – 4/5 in Play Store

3. Airline Commander

Airline Commander Icon

Take off, fly & land. Build a fleet in one of the most realistic plane games.

Airline Commander is a realistic airplane simulation game for mobile devices. Players can take on the role of an airline commander and build their own fleet of aircraft. The game features a variety of aircraft, from small single-engine planes to large commercial jets. Players can fly to different airports around the world and complete various missions, such as passenger transport, cargo delivery, and search and rescue operations. The game also features a realistic weather system and day/night cycle, which adds to the challenge and immersion.

Download: Android, iOS

Airline Commander - Dozens of airliners, Thousands of routes, Realistic aircraft traffic

Application information:

Comments and Reviews from users:

millaress: “It is probably my favorite mobile simulator game; with alright graphics, great exterior and interior designs, and a simplified version of an actual working aircraft. In addition I do like how they keep the game alive, by adding new events now and then, just to spice some things up a bit. However they're are some flaws to it too. For me, personal, I don't like how it's not really friendly to people who don't want to spend real money on the game. But overall I do enjoy this app to give in 4 stars.” – 4/5 in Play Store

Caleb Wright: “Fun game! I love flying the planes and it is simple to use. Maybe add more options than just events if you don't have routes open. Also, sometimes when I'm landing, the app automatically slows down the plane, which I don't like. It will also take away my AC credits when it lags. And lastly, the game freezes sometimes when I'm starting to fly. It's a great game, it could just use some minor upgrades.” – 4/5 in Play Store

4. Airport City transport manager

Airport City transport manager Icon

Collect all sorts of airplanes, customize your airport, and live like a tycoon!

In Airport City, you become the manager of your own airport, where you can collect all sorts of airplanes, customize your airport, and live like a tycoon. You'll be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of your airport, including takeoff and landing of planes, managing staff, and expanding your fleet. You will also need to keep your passengers happy by providing them with amenities and services. As you progress, you'll be able to unlock new airplanes, upgrade your airport, and expand your empire.

Download: Android, iOS

Airport City transport manager - Strategic city planning, Exciting airplane adventures

Application information:

Downloads 52,806,574
Features Manage your own airport, collect airplanes, build a city, and become an airline tycoon.
Pros Fun and addictive gameplay, great graphics, and lots of content to keep you entertained.
Cons Can be grindy at times, and some of the in-app purchases can be expensive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “Very addictive game, constantly changing to keep interest. Had an issue of being blocked for a "terms of use" violation (twice), contacted support through the app and they fixed it (both times). Took a couple of days but with the volume of players that is to be expected. The issue is reportedly changing the time on my phone. Appears the problem is on their end in their reporting system. thank you for resolving the issue, hoping it doesn't happen again.” – 5/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “The game starts out fun, then it quickly becomes obvious that to achieve anything in game, it's going to cost money.... and tons of it. Definitely pay-to-play, potentientally sinking more money than a premier game title on a console. Every upgrade requires multiple components and the land cost is outrageous. The game would be enjoyable if it didn't feel like they kept pulling at your wallet. This should be more ad-based.” – 2/5 in Play Store

5. Sky Warriors

Sky Warriors Icon

Modern war jets flight simulator. Aircraft combat gun shooting battle game.

In Sky Warriors, players engage in thrilling aerial combat as they pilot a range of modern war jets. With stunning graphics and realistic flight physics, the game immerses players in intense dogfights. They must master their aircraft's capabilities and outmaneuver their opponents to secure victory. Sky Warriors offers various game modes, including team battles and solo campaigns, providing endless hours of adrenaline-pumping action. With its intuitive controls and accessible gameplay, Sky Warriors is a mobile flight simulator that appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Download: Android, iOS

Sky Warriors - Thrilling air combat, Stunning graphics, Immersive gameplay

Application information:

Downloads 42,521,563
Features Immersive flight simulator experience with realistic aircraft physics, stunning graphics, and intense aerial combat.
Pros Exciting gameplay, wide variety of aircraft, impressive graphics, and intuitive controls.
Cons In-app purchases can be expensive, gameplay can become repetitive after a while, and matchmaking can sometimes be unfair.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Patrick Guy: “Controls for the aircraft are very jittery. It's like an on/off switch. Serious lack of smoothness. The joystick is smaller than my thumb, which makes the issue worse. Basic controls only let you do slight turns left and right. You can't roll without using the annoying advanced controls with gyroscope. Nothing 'advanced' about it. Even gyro controls suffer from the same on/off switch application.” – 2/5 in Play Store

Ron Edmisten: “Game keeps disconnecting you a lot. It has glitches, I just recently uninstalled this game after finally collecting 3 planes, uninstalled it because of all the lags, glitches and disconnects just to reinstall thinking hopefully that would change, but didn't make any difference. The 3rd plane (after upgrades) showed no damages to the enemy even after hitting them with 7 or 8 missiles. Couldn't gain any points for war because of this. Would be a very fun game if the bug issues were fixed.” – 2/5 in Play Store

6. Offline Games

Offline Games Icon

Choose from lots of puzzles and minigames to play. Chess, wordgames & more!

Airplane mode games are games that can be played without an internet connection. One popular airplane mode game is Offline Games by JindoBlu. This app offers a variety of puzzles and minigames to play, including chess, word games, and more. Offline Games is a great way to pass the time when you're on a plane, train, or anywhere else where you don't have an internet connection. It's also a great way to keep your mind sharp and entertained.

Download: Android, iOS

Offline Games - 20+ unique minigames, No internet required, Suitable for all ages

Application information:

Downloads 23,252,945
Features Challenge yourself with many puzzles, board games, card games, word games, and more, all in one place!
Pros Many types of games to choose from.
Cons Some games may require an internet connection to play.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Not Telling: “Overall, it's not too bad. However, there's two problems I have: 1: It feels like the same few tap match levels are repeating themselves over and over, and 2: When the suggestion to go ad-free pops up, it mentions "unlock all games forever"... Which the game has given me no explanation what that even means. Do games retire after a while? Is it like old Shareware game demos? Does it give unlimited power-ups instead of having to watch ads for them? Very confused.” – 3/5 in Play Store

Rediocre: “As far as games offline games go, this is the perfect app for that! As opposed to having 10+ different low quality offline games, you can have just this one higher quality app! So the homescreen neatness is a huge plus. This game has such variety that it is hard to not love one of their games. I really just wish I could remove ads from individual games for like .30 cents each instead of the whole catalog for 7 dollars. Mostly because I still want to support the creators but 7 dollars is too much” – 5/5 in Play Store

7. Airplane Chefs

Airplane Chefs Icon

Cook tasty & delicious dishes on your own plane and travel the world!

In Airplane Chefs, you'll embark on a culinary adventure as you cook up a storm in your very own flying restaurant. Travel to exotic destinations, serve delectable dishes to your hungry passengers, and expand your menu with new and exciting recipes. Upgrade your kitchen appliances, hire skilled staff, and keep your customers satisfied to build a thriving in-flight dining empire. With its charming graphics, intuitive gameplay, and endless replayability, Airplane Chefs is the perfect game for foodies and casual gamers alike.

Download: Android, iOS

Airplane Chefs - Global culinary journey, Unique time management, Immersive stewardess life

Application information:

Downloads 17,086,228
Features Embark on a culinary journey around the world, cooking delicious dishes on your very own plane.
Pros Fun and challenging gameplay, great graphics, and a wide variety of dishes to cook.
Cons Can be repetitive at times, and some levels can be difficult to complete.

Comments and Reviews from users:

AGSERVICECALL: “Its a very fun and cool game, I recently gave this a review, but ive changed my rating. It freezes a lot and that has stopped me from passing a level twice. As the customers get impatient and then they don't want their order anymore, or the stuff starts burning and I throw it away and loose coins, which sets me back from getting stars and passing to the next level. It's a good game though and I really like it anyway” – 3/5 in Play Store

Trixie: “This is just the game Ive been looking for! It's perfect, almost no ads and you can get passed levels quite quickly, I like how you have to be fast and quick to serve the passengers and overall it's a great game.. Except for one issue, there were 2 ingredients I could add to the trail mix and the burgers and there was an ad I could watch to get them for free but when I watched the ad it said error and kicked me out. I just found that really annoying and I hope you look into it. (Not my WiFi)” – 5/5 in Play Store

8. Warplanes Inc WW2 Plane & War

Warplanes Inc WW2 Plane & War Icon

Airplane games or flight simulator? Try planes in war games & ww2 plane games!

In the captivating mobile game "Warplanes Inc WW2 Plane & War," you soar through the skies as a valiant pilot, engaging in thrilling aerial combat during the tumultuous era of World War II. Choose from an arsenal of meticulously crafted warplanes, each boasting unique capabilities and historical significance. Embark on perilous missions, navigate treacherous landscapes, and outmaneuver cunning opponents in intense PvP battles. With stunning graphics, realistic physics, and immersive gameplay, "Warplanes Inc WW2 Plane & War" transports you to the heart of aerial warfare, offering an unforgettable experience for aviation enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

Download: Android, iOS

Warplanes Inc WW2 Plane & War - Exciting WW2 air battles, Realistic flight simulation

Application information:

Downloads 15,727,438
Features Thrilling warplanes combat, spectacular graphics, realistic physics, and a vast collection of combat aircraft.
Pros Exciting, visually stunning, realistic, and offers a diverse range of aircraft.
Cons May experience occasional bugs and glitches, and in-app purchases can be pricey.

Comments and Reviews from users:

HohenHokt: “Finished the game, and it was an amazing experience. The graphics were interesting, and the story was one of my favorites. I skipped the tutorial because following the lead plane was proving difficult, but the controls were very easy to learn. Strangely, I did not watch a single ad and still haven't despite not buying the ad removal. And my wifi was enabled. Other than that, the only tip I have for new players is DO NOT skip the letters and posters from the story. They will not reappear again.” – 5/5 in Play Store

Sebastian Marotta: “This is a brilliant game. Good storyline, good controls, good art. I really like it. The only things that could be better are the language thing, as other reviewers have said, some parts are not in the chosen language. The ads could also be toned down a little bit, although I understand the developers need to make money. To all the people saying "Blah blah, too many ads", just turn off the wifi if they are too much for you. Overall, good game” – 5/5 in Play Store

9. World of Airports

World of Airports Icon

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of airplanes and manage an airport.

In the captivating mobile game "World of Airports," you embark on an extraordinary journey as an airport manager. Build and expand your airport, welcoming a fleet of magnificent airplanes from around the globe. Optimize operations, manage finances, and provide exceptional services to ensure the smooth flow of passengers and cargo. As your airport flourishes, you'll unlock new aircraft, destinations, and challenges, immersing yourself in the thrilling world of aviation.

Download: Android, iOS

World of Airports - Detailed airport traffic simulation, Stunning real 3D graphics

Application information:

Comments and Reviews from users:

Daniel Mills: “It's interesting. A bit of a battery hog, even at reduced quality. There needs to be a quality of life upgrade for automating some aspects of it (small planes become useless after a certain size because they become very annoying to handle due to the constant scrolling). Player connection challenges are impossible to handle. Also: can you please make it such that selecting a plane with tasks automatically opens the task bar (one less annoying click)?” – 4/5 in Play Store

Werner Almesberger: “The visuals are cute and the game shows loving attention to many details. However, most of the gameplay consists of boring busywork, which is completely redundant once you figure out how to keep things flowing. You don't have time to study strategic features like fleet and route management, since you only have seconds between having to press something to keep the busywork going. It's a downgrade from its predecessor, AirportPRG. Like AirportPRG, it has quality background music.” – 3/5 in Play Store

10. Airplane Flight Simulator

Airplane Flight Simulator Icon

Become a Real Pilot, play this Flight Simulator!

In Airplane Flight Simulator, you can become a real pilot and experience the thrill of flying a plane. With realistic 3D graphics and immersive gameplay, you'll feel like you're actually soaring through the skies. Choose from a variety of aircraft, each with its own unique characteristics. Fly through challenging missions, land on different runways, and explore a vast open world. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting out, Airplane Flight Simulator is the perfect game for you.

Download: Android, iOS

Airplane Flight Simulator - Global Open World Map, Realistic Flight Controls, Actual Plane Cockpits

Application information:

Downloads 14,139,942
Features This flight simulator lets you fly 15 different aircrafts; from small private planes to large commercial jets, with realistic 3D cockpits.
Pros Realistic graphics and aircraft handling, many different aircraft to choose from, challenging missions to complete.
Cons Some users have reported experiencing bugs and glitches, the game can be quite demanding on your device's hardware, and in-app purchases can be expensive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “The game is very fun..for a short while anyways. I been playing this game for 3 days and somehow I feel like I have reached a point where everything is now redundant. Nothing new to do or missions to accomplish with the various types of aircraft available. Rewards are not based on ability of aircraft but more on its range. That's what it feels like anyways. This game has huge potential. I like it. But more can be added to make it one of the best sims. 1st recommend flap control for landing. 2nd is missions specific to the aircraft type. 3rd reward system based on workload vs distance traveled. One actual complaint I have is the sr-71 doesn't climb well at all. I hit 1200mph just right after takeoff but it barely climbs or goes down quick enough for something moving at that rate. It cant possibly take me 4000 miles to go from 0ft to FL50k. Just a thought. But I like the game and after 3 days i already feel like i have done everything theres is to do.” – 4/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “Fun and enjoyable. One major issue is that the banner ads obscure your money count at the top of the screen. Another bug is that the jets still sound like prop planes and don't have their own sound. Also, A few typos here and there, and I did experience a big that detected me as successfully as landing despite the fact that I was short of the runway, but overall a good game” – 4/5 in Play Store

11. Infinite Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight Simulator Icon

Multiplayer Flight Simulator with ATC

Infinite Flight Simulator is an incredibly realistic airplane mode game available for mobile devices. With a vast selection of aircraft, detailed airports, and accurate flight physics, it offers an immersive flying experience. Players can choose from a variety of missions, challenges, and online multiplayer options. The game features stunning graphics, customizable controls, and real-time weather conditions. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting out, Infinite Flight Simulator provides an unparalleled level of realism and enjoyment.

Download: Android, iOS

Infinite Flight Simulator - Detailed aircraft models, High-definition scenery, Realistic flight physics

Application information:

Downloads 11,579,226
Features Infinite Flight Simulator is a mobile flight simulator that allows you to fly a variety of aircraft in a realistic 3D environment with other players online.
Pros Realistic graphics, accurate flight physics, and a large selection of aircraft.
Cons Can be expensive to purchase all the aircraft and regions, and some users have reported issues with the multiplayer servers.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “This simulator has got to be the best on the market. I Love It. I do have to say though, the new update has its positives and negatives... The new pushback, sound, and light controls are perfect and those should stay, but the new interface (hud) is a little too much.. And the camera angles are not as good because it's more difficult to control. The only thing I ask is can some 3D airports and terminals be installed to make the world more realistic? That would be nice.Still, an amazing simulator.” – 5/5 in Play Store

A Google user: “The app has evolved incredibly over the years, and I've watched it turn into what HAS to be the most sophisticated effort in all of mobile. There are other real-time apps out there, but the amount of achievement in this app is just superb. Customer service is very responsive to any hiccups that will happen with even the simplest app. As good as it gets, don't hesitate spending your monthly tenner. Hypothetical 6th star for functioning cockpits on all planes, and clouds!” – 5/5 in Play Store

12. Airline Manager

Airline Manager Icon

Expand your plane empire in this idle airline management tycoon simulator

In Airline Manager, you can build your own airline empire. Start with a small fleet of planes and expand your business by buying new planes, opening new routes, and hiring staff. You'll need to manage your finances carefully and make strategic decisions to keep your airline profitable. As you progress, you'll be able to unlock new features, such as the ability to lease planes, form alliances with other airlines, and invest in research and development.

Download: Android, iOS

Airline Manager - 400+ real planes, 4000+ real airports, 2 tycoon modes

Application information:

Downloads 8,194,880
Features Expand your airline empire in this exciting idle airline management tycoon simulator game.
Pros Immersive gameplay, engaging challenges, and detailed airline management options.
Cons In-app purchases can be expensive, limited customization options for aircraft, and occasional technical issues.

Comments and Reviews from users:

A Google user: “Good game and seems to be realistic. Reminds me very much of an old console game called AeroBiz which I liked a lot. I did notice a problem however, and that was the selection between easy and realistic modes. I was only able to select the realistic mode. That isnt a problem for me as the realistic mode is easily picked up. Overall a nice job from the dev.” – 5/5 in Play Store

John Brindel: “There are things I like about this game more than tycoon- it's more realistic (no winning planes with a slot machine), it has no ads, and the fuel/CO2 pieces are an interesting twist. That being said, there are also a lot of shortcomings that make the game not that fun. Lack of scheduling is the big one that makes it almost unplayable. The interface is unintuitive and lacks sufficient explanations. No ability to filter the plane menu is also annoying. Uninstalled but willing to try it again.” – 2/5 in Play Store

13. RFS

RFS Icon

Become a pilot! Fly and land in airports around the world with iconic airplanes

RFS is a mobile flight simulator game that puts you in the cockpit of some of the most iconic aircraft in the world. With realistic physics and stunning graphics, RFS offers an immersive and authentic flying experience. You can choose to fly a variety of missions, from simple sightseeing flights to challenging landings in adverse weather conditions. RFS also features a multiplayer mode where you can compete against other players from around the world. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting out, RFS is a must-have for any aviation enthusiast.

Download: Android, iOS

RFS - 3D live cockpits, 500+ airports, Automatic flight plans

Application information:

Downloads 5,979,639
Features Realistic flight simulation with 3D graphics and accurate aircraft physics, hundreds of airports and landmarks, and a variety of aircraft to fly.
Pros Realistic graphics, accurate flight physics, a large number of airports and aircraft to choose from.
Cons Some users have reported that the game can be difficult to control, and that the graphics can be a bit dated.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Deandre Edwards: “This game is fun,realistic, engaging and challenging. The graphics are great,but the only problem I have is that the planes are bigger than the buildings. I wish there were more planes, in addition some helicopters to choose from, maybe more military aircraft would be great. Five stars from me! The developers should also provide a way for you to challenge or report ATC's who kick people out and block them in multi player for no reason.” – 5/5 in Play Store

KingRuffin3000: “The game itself is great. I don't have many complaints and it's a fine game for a phone. But, I think it's incredibly ridiculous how you have to subscribe to get access to the full game. Not just a single purchase but, a monthly payment. It's not dumb expensive or anything but, I find it to be dumb lacking a better term. I simply just want to fly a realistic Boeing yet every game insist on having you pay for them. But, making a monthly payment for that on my phone? :/” – 4/5 in Play Store

14. Fly Corp

Fly Corp Icon

Run and develop the biggest airport network in history! Idle airline commander!

In Fly Corp, players manage and expand their airline empire, starting with a single plane and a small airport. As they progress, they can purchase new planes, open new routes, and upgrade their airports. The game features realistic aircraft models, detailed airport environments, and addictive gameplay that will keep players engaged for hours on end. With its intuitive controls and accessible mechanics, Fly Corp is perfect for casual and experienced gamers alike.

Download: Android, iOS

Fly Corp - Worldwide reach, Detailed management, Airline tycoon

Application information:

Downloads 4,381,224
Features Build and upgrade planes, airports, and hangars! Manage routes and destinations to optimize profits.
Pros Exciting gameplay, great graphics, good rewards.
Cons In-app purchases can be expensive, gameplay can be repetitive at times.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Mrs. Haas: “Very engaging game early on. However, as you "discover the world" prices increase astronomically thus limiting game play. Worse yet, the game gets increasingly laggy until it was basically unplayable on my Moto device. Planned to at least finish the game once, but at 67% it started crashing when running at standard speed without be adjusting anything. Very frustrating end to what could have been an enjoyable game.” – 2/5 in Play Store

AriellaSupersmiley S: “(Talking about freeplay) Seems good if you start in Europe. Originally I started in the US. The airports were really far apart so I struggled to afford to connect them. I just restarted in Europe and it seems really good. I wish at the start it said the difficulty that comes with starting in different countries, it seems to impact the experience a lot. The bad: My tablet can run minecraft yet this game crashes at popups and I had to wipe it because it crashed every time I tried to open my save” – 3/5 in Play Store

15. Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon

Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon Icon

Run airports, fly planes & become an aviation magnate in Idle Airplane Tycoon!

In Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon, players manage their own airline, starting with a single plane and a small airport. As they earn money, they can upgrade their planes, purchase new ones, and expand their airport. The game features realistic 3D graphics and engaging gameplay, making it a popular choice for aviation enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. Players can also complete missions and challenges to earn rewards, and compete with other players on the global leaderboard.

Download: Android, iOS

Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon - Collect dozens of planes, Manage your own airport, Become a wealthy entrepreneur

Application information:

Downloads 3,152,924
Features Run airports, fly planes, become an aviation magnate, manage your airline, upgrade your planes, build a global aviation empire, automate tasks for maximum profit, research new technologies, unlock new planes and airports, compete in global events, and more.
Pros Addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, lots of content, great for casual and hardcore gamers.
Cons Can be repetitive at times, some in-app purchases can be expensive, occasional bugs and glitches.

Comments and Reviews from users:

State_Rd_464 Maricamp: “Game is GREAT, but money us not always collected while in idle mode or not playing, like the flights stop when u turn the game of and I thought that the point was to be able to collect money while being idle. Time it takes to built structures and upgraded takes way too long... Still a Good Game though, by far the one I'm currently playing most” – 5/5 in Play Store

Denisse S: “I like it very much but I have two issues with it. The first is that it doesn't collect money when the games goes idle and watching ads doesn't help either. Like, I can only collect x2 money when i have the game open. I'm in level 38 and it has gotten kinda boring because there is not much else to do but to upgrade things and it takes forever to collect the money. I think this is because the only thing that works in the game are the check-in counters. When can I start building the other areas?” – 3/5 in Play Store

16. Pilot Life

Pilot Life Icon

Are you ready to become a Pilot? Feel how it is to live the captain's lifestyle.

In the immersive mobile game Pilot Life, you take on the thrilling role of an airline pilot. Soar through the skies, navigating realistic aircraft and completing challenging missions. From takeoff to landing, experience the authentic details of cockpit controls and procedures. Explore diverse destinations, manage your flight crew, and rise through the ranks of aviation. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, Pilot Life offers an unparalleled flight simulation experience on your mobile device.

Download: Android, iOS

Pilot Life - Easy to learn controls, Realistic flight physics, Stunning HD graphics

Application information:

Downloads 2,140,804
Features Pilot Life is an interactive and realistic simulation of flying an airplane with entertaining gameplay, different views, and modes to choose from.
Pros This app will take you on a journey of a lifetime with an immersive pilot experience in various realistic scenarios with changing weather conditions.
Cons Some users have difficulty with the controls, and the graphics may not be as advanced as other more popular flight simulator games.

Comments and Reviews from users:

David Malcolm: “Quite a good story, completed all the levels in less than 2 hours then came up with a notice that the story will continue soon which leaves toy the option of either re-Doing the entire game up till that point again or simply deleting it. I've run through the entire game twice now and now I'm bored so will uninstall it - don't know how long it's going to take for developers to update the game with new levels, perhaps I'll try it again in six months or so just to check” – 4/5 in Play Store

Cute Drawings: “It is a very good game.I completed this game in 1 hour but then it says chapter 4 is coming soon.But when will it come that nobody knows that leaves you with two options either delete the game or play all the chapters again this is the reason why I'm giving this game 4 stars otherwise this game very good.” – 4/5 in Play Store

17. Metalstorm

Metalstorm Icon

Fighter Jet Flight Simulator. The ultimate team-based multiplayer experience!

Metalstorm is a thrilling airplane mode game for mobile devices. Players take control of powerful fighter jets and engage in intense multiplayer battles. Teamwork is crucial as players must coordinate their attacks and defend against enemy forces. With stunning graphics, realistic flight physics, and a variety of customizable jets, Metalstorm offers an immersive and exhilarating aerial combat experience.

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Metalstorm - Legendary jet collection, Epic real-time PvP battles

Application information:

Downloads 1,650,898
Features Experience real-time online team-based PvP battles, customize your fighter jet with various weapons and skins, and progress through multiple ranks and leagues to become the ultimate fighter pilot.
Pros Stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and exciting team-based battles.
Cons May experience occasional lag or connection issues, and in-app purchases can be expensive.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Tyler D: “Constantly lags, times out, I don't like losing points for losing a match I had no control over timing out of, that's a bit unfair. There's no way to reset the game and move on to another match when that happens so even if you close the app and restart, you're stuck waiting 5 minutes for the match to end. When it DOES work, it's great. But that's rare.” – 3/5 in Play Store

Norman JJ: “Amazing game, but there's two things that could be better. 1. The squadron recommendations. I just started playing as of this review time, and have few trophies, yet all my recommended squadrons are top ones with very high trophy requirements, which makes it annoying to find an active yet easy to enter squadron. 2. The gamemodes. The different gamemodes are on timed cycles, and one of them I don't like very much. but i have to wait until it's over to play the one I enjoy online.” – 4/5 in Play Store

18. Airplane Pro

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Reach for the Skies: Master the Art of Flight in Airplane Pro: Flight Simulator!

Soar through the skies with Airplane Pro, the mobile flight simulator that puts you in the pilot's seat. Master the art of flying as you navigate realistic aircraft, explore stunning landscapes, and complete challenging missions. With intuitive controls and immersive graphics, Airplane Pro offers an authentic and exhilarating flight experience. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a first-time flyer, this game will ignite your passion for aviation.

Download: Android, iOS

Airplane Pro - Real airplane flight, Expansive open-world, Immersive flight simulation

Application information:

Downloads 1,098,003
Features Take to the skies and master the art of flight with realistic physics, detailed 3D graphics, and an intuitive control system.
Pros Immersive flight simulation with realistic aircraft handling and stunning visuals.
Cons Limited number of available aircraft and missions, occasional performance issues on older devices.

Comments and Reviews from users:

Shravan Renjith: “Nice game,good graphics. Game codes should be improved .During one of my first flights in the game I accidentally crashed into the sea near my destination, still it should that the "passenger reached safely and my flight was a success"! This is a big or a glitch. Game developers pls improve that mistake. Except that the game is recommended and nice.” – 4/5 in Play Store

Zahari Yahaya: “My first try. The way point is confusing at time. But, logically I reversed with ease. I hope the developers are going through for flight simulation enthusiasts. The app will progress, I believe. Good game to kill time.” – 5/5 in Play Store

19. Airplane Mode Internet

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Browse offline features online! Airplane Mode Internet: connect in silence.

Airplane Mode Internet is a mobile game that simulates the experience of browsing the internet while in airplane mode. The game features a variety of websites and apps that can be accessed offline, including news, social media, and games. Players can also create their own custom websites and apps to share with others. Airplane Mode Internet is a fun and educational way to learn about the internet and how it works. It is also a great way to stay entertained while traveling or when there is no internet connection available.

Download: Android, iOS

Airplane Mode Internet - Internet access in airplane mode, Selective online functionality

Application information:

Comments and Reviews from users:

Wayne Bays: “On one side I can see how my intuition has been developing toward the Divine's Will for 60 yrs. On the other side, I can understand Faith's Power to be gained to the End. I will someday share with you and the rest of humanity, my motives in my Testimony of how Music brought me thru 3 careers, living in 9 different States, from W.Va., Ill., Ind., Oregon, Washington, Calif., Ariz., Fla., n Tennessee, while being a music minister, house painter, nite club entertainer and married 4xs.” – 4/5 in Play Store